Our story

65Chchukululu, ‘Singing Bird’, in Kichwa-Aymara, was the first fine bar made in Ecuador in 2004. It is produced with Cacao Nacional that grows along the Arriba Zone, comprising the Provinces of Manabí, Guayas and Los Ríos, where hundred years old trees  have preserved the genetic characteristics of this Unique Heritage Cacao. These trees  have created  cacao forests where flora and fauna interact, giving as a  result a sustainable, enviromentally friendly ecosystem, sharing  a  biodiverse space free of chemicals and pollution.

haciendaThe quality of our bars start at the farms, where  cacao growers have kept the knowledge and ancient techniques needed to develop quality, the real floral, fruity or spice aroma and flavour.

From the total world cacao production, only 7% is considered to be fine or flavour cacao, being Ecuador the leader in production, helped with half of million farmers who makes a living from it.
For more than 400 years, Ecuador exported only Cacao beans, 10 years ago Chchukululu marked a milestone, it opened a path. now followed by many other brands. It revalued our cacao by giving farmers better trade conditions, fare price, recognition and respect also providing pleasure and happiness to those who enjoy it.